Our Goal for this Blog

Over the years we have received and continue to receive numerous phone calls and emails asking many different farm related questions. Our thought is that we would try out a blog to keep people up to date on what we are doing here on Puterbaugh Farms and at Hops Direct.

We will just jump right into where we are at in the growing season with a very brief look at what it took to get the hops to the stage they are in now. If interest is actually shown and people are looking for more information we will continue through the winter and pick up the beginning next spring, which will allow everyone to get a feel for what a full crop year looks like from a hop grower's perspective and all of the many challenges involved. We hope you enjoy.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Got Married!!!

I'll be back with a post sometime tonight. I disappeared due the fact that I was in my own wedding (August 16th) and went on a short honeymoon followed by a business trip the East Coast. We got married outdoors in Eastern Washington on a day which I believe was the hottest of the year for us at 105. Please hold the questions about why one would choose to get married right when harvest was starting:)



Anonymous said...

Congratz!! I wish you both good luck!


James Stewart said...

congratulations, hope you have a great harvest this year!!

MJKEY said...

congrats. just stumbled on your blog. I'm a homebrewer that just got back into it after an 11 year break. Your operation looks like "hop heaven"! would like to purchase some fresh cones, pellets and hopefully get some vines going next spring. Hope you had a great honeymoon and a super harvest!

George said...

Congratulations and thanks for keeping this great blog going! It is truly fascinating to see the entire process in action and the pictures are fantastic.