Our Goal for this Blog

Over the years we have received and continue to receive numerous phone calls and emails asking many different farm related questions. Our thought is that we would try out a blog to keep people up to date on what we are doing here on Puterbaugh Farms and at Hops Direct.

We will just jump right into where we are at in the growing season with a very brief look at what it took to get the hops to the stage they are in now. If interest is actually shown and people are looking for more information we will continue through the winter and pick up the beginning next spring, which will allow everyone to get a feel for what a full crop year looks like from a hop grower's perspective and all of the many challenges involved. We hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cones all over.

On the farm the time has come for the hop cones to show up in mass. We can now get fairly accurate estimates of how each yard will pick as far as yields are concerned. When the crop gets heavy the wires will start to sag under the weight and the anchor poles in the yards begin to bow slightly.

The yard pictured below has reached the point where the cones are noticeable.

A fair amount of hops on the high alpha vines, these will be harvested around mid-September, the middle of harvest for us.

The Nugget yard on the other hand will be harvested near the end of our season, as you may be able to see cones are just beginning to form (leaving the burr stage).


Anonymous said...

If it is not a huge issue could you post a close up picture or two of some hops when they are ready to pick? I am a homebrewer with two hop plants and this is my first year growing.

Hopsdirect said...

We posted a few pictures of the cones and an idea of how far out each are from harvest for us here on the farm. Enjoy.